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Am I Ready for a Coach?

The reasons behind the amazing growth of personal coaching in the areas of business and personal development can give encouragement to Kingdom leaders. While the documented results of break-through performance, the development of skills, and deeper personal satisfaction are very applicable to the desires of church leaders – the difference in Christian coaching is absolutely profound!

Coaching is a skilled process of helping someone move from where they are to where they want to be. Christian coaching is a three-way partnership that includes the third person of the Trinity. The goal is not just what I want. The focused outcome is on God’s best.

If you or someone on your team is desiring to move forward at a faster rate, perhaps you should consider working with a coach. Why don’t you use the brief inventory below to evaluate if you’re ready for a coach?

Read each statement below and write True or False next to each.

1.    I am willing to explore my potential and make the necessary changes to be and do what God desires.
2.    I am willing to receive another person’s insights and be accountable to others so I can fulfill my dreams.
3.    I want to develop a clearer and more compelling vision of what God desires to do in and through my ministry.
4.    My hunger for a better future is greater than my fears of letting go of the familiar.
5.    I have a challenge with life and work balance.
6.    I want to develop the ability to see and apply creative solutions to areas that require change.
7.    I want to develop coaching skills to use personally and/or professionally.
8.    I have a number of good ideas, but I struggle with bringing them to a fruitful conclusion.
9.    I desire additional skills in building more effective staff and leadership teams.
10. I feel as though I want to go further with my life and ministry, and I am not making as much progress as I desire.
Put the number of TRUE answers in the box.
Coaching Score

1-4 True                    Question the need of coaching at this time

5-6 True                    Coaching will be an effective growth tool for you

7-10 True                  You will find tremendous benefit through coaching


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