Coaching is a partnership that helps you to move from where you are to where you want to be. It is a process that helps you grow faster and move past challenges that are hindering you from reaching your full potential.

Allowing ‘false ceilings’ to hold us captive to less than desirable results is a path to a disappointing life. Since we all have some false ceilings, one of the most important keys to living the life we desire is to break through those limiting barriers to achieve personal growth.

Assessment:  How Do I Know I Am Ready for a Coach?

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Transformational Growth that focuses on moving forward in your life, work or relationships. A coach is a professional change agent who helps you build your capacity as a leader and a person. You will go further faster with a coach.
  • Increased Motivation that comes from clarifying your desires and living in harmony with your guiding values. A God-inspired vision motivates!
  • Liberating Insights that help you to overcome hindrances to reach desired change. Coaching allows you to identify and break through false ceilings.
  • Confidential Support that builds confidence, provides healthy accountability and adds an objective perspective from a trained coach who desires God’s best for your life.

How Coaching Works

What can I work on with my coach?

Almost anything. You drive the conversation. You can focus on the area where you have the greatest desire to see improvement.

What do you do during a coaching appointment?

The coach will guide the process while you determine the agenda. Coaches don’t just give answers. They help you discover and commit to action steps that most effectively take you to where you want to go.

Why Coaching Works

By focusing on the person’s passions, personal desires and felt needs, coaching uncovers the ‘prepared soil of the heart.’ Rather than telling a person what to do, a coach leads the client to discover his or her highest values and find the motivation that leads to positive steps of action. The coaching relationship provides the kind of trusting, encouraging support that produces the healthiest form of accountability.


If you have the desire to move beyond your restricting challenges, to clarify a fresh inspiring path for your future, or just be more effective doing day to day responsibilities, having a personal coach can be a great help for you. Consider what some high profiled leaders have said:

  • Andy Stanley: “Self-evaluation is helpful, but evaluation from someone else is essential. You need a leadership coach.”
  • Ken Blanchard: “I believe providing feed-back is the most cost-effective strategy for improving performance and instilling satisfaction.”

The Vision Ventures Coaches are experienced church leaders who are trained to serve as high impact coaches. Vision Ventures provides personal coaching for the Lead Pastor, as well as, staff development coaching for a local church.


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What our clients have said…

Having a personal coach, as an added resource to my personal life and ministry calling, has been so helpful in assisting me in setting goals and having clear steps to accomplish them in a timely manner. Knowing the value personally has also been a catalyst for me investing in others through coaching them for life and ministry change. Coaching does produce transformation and I highly champion the process.

This process has allowed me to dream again. The dream that God designed for me and placed in my life is alive and vibrant.

Coaching has helped me identify areas of my life where I need to grow in order to be an authentic leader and reach my full potential.

Coaching has been revolutionary for me to say the least. Because of my coach’s patience and giftedness in listening as well as his straightforwardness, he was able to help me learn very valuable lessons and skills as well as teach me by his personal openness and honesty. 


Developing the skills of coaching transforms leaders. Learning how to guide a conversation that connects to the heart, clarifies desired outcomes, reveals hindrances,  and develops specific action steps changes lives. Because the valuable skills of coaching have such broad application Vision Ventures provides two training opportunities:
Introduction to Coaching and Coaching for Transformation

Introduction to Coaching

3-Hour Workshop

This workshop allows you to learn what coaching is, how it works, and why it works. You will develop basic coaching skills that empower liberating conversations. This workshop is a great start for:

  • Those who want to learn the basic skills of coaching
  • For pastors and staffs to experience together how to strengthen a growth culture in the church
  • For church staff, parents, Sunday School teachers, small group leaders to improve ‘connect to the heart’ conversations

Introduction to Coaching Workshops
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Coach Training

4-month Coach Training Track

Coach Training is for those who want to refine the skills of coaching for personal ministry or professional use. The training resource materials, personal coaching sessions with a trainer coach and peer practice over this four-month period are a vital part of developing the skills for liberating listening and asking powerful questions.

The following is included in Coach Training:

  • How to maximize the coaching experience
  • Learn and practice Eight Coaching Skills
    • How to listen so that others feel understood
    • How to partner with the Holy Spirit’s work to see breakthrough changes
    • How to maximize support structures that provide the needed encouragement 
and accountability
    • How to develop a transformational growth culture in the church
  • PCN Notebook and training materials
  • Read one book on coaching
  • Three hours of personal coaching by a trained coach
  • Two one-hour coach training classes online
  • Three peer coaching sessions with feedback
  • Three coaching sessions with two clients
  • Final coaching: “Coach the Coach”

Coach Training

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What our clients have said…

Through self-evaluation in multiple areas of my life, coach training has started me on a lifelong process of growth. Setting goals and being held accountable to move forward are having a tremendous impact on my ministry.

The coach training process has taught me multiple spiritual and leadership skills in ministry. I used to be heavy on giving advice which was not always good for me or those I tried to help. This training has given me new insights in ways to be a better minister.

Coaching has turned me in to a ‘caring pastor’ because of improvement in listening. Others have actually witnessed the change in me and have commented on it.

Personal Coaching

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