Partnering with a leadership coach enables a pastor to expand his team and leverage the strength, skills and life experiences of a consultant to fulfill the mission of the church.  The weekly demands of ministry frequently make it difficult to maintain the needed focus on visionary planning, staff development and multiplying disciples.

What would give your church the greatest benefit?

Clarifying your God-inspired vision

  • Strengthen alignment on leadership team related to mission of the church
  • Refine the guiding values -pursue desired church culture
  • Visionary planning – short term, mid-term, long term

Determining the basic essentials that need to be done with weekly excellence to fulfill the mission

  • Refine the Systems
  • Build the Teams
  • Build Sustained Momentum

Opening the leadership pipeline through a multiplication of disciples

How satisfied are you with the current results related to…

  • The spiritual transformation of your members?
  • The percentage of church members who are actively seeking to reach unchurched friends for Christ?
  • The intentional leadership training and multiplication of leaders in your church?

Focusing on staff development

  • Personal Assessments
  • 360-Feedback from peers and leaders
  • Personal Growth Coaching
  • Leadership Development Training with individual coaching
  • Team Building

Consulting for Churches in Pastoral Transition

Preparing to look for your new senior pastor

  • Is your leadership team clear and united on the mission of the church?
  • Is there an alignment on the priorities of the church?
  • What factors are hindering the effectiveness of the church fulfilling her mission?
  • Is there an accurate awareness of the needs and opportunities for ministry in your church community?
  • Is there an inspiring vision that guides the decisions and programming of the church?

Steve serves as a Leadership Coach to help churches clarify their answers to these and other important questions. The season of preparation for a new pastor can be a unifying, vision clarifying, hindrance removing season. The Bride of Christ deserves nothing less!

Personal Coaching

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