Growth Tips

Discovering the Prepared Soil of the Heart

March 16, 2018

Do you sometimes feel like you are trying to plant seeds in concrete? You share truth, but it produces no harvest. Frustrating…. isn’t it?   Jesus gave us a powerful story to describe this experience in His first parable found in Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 4. In vs. 13 He says to His disciples, “If you do… Read more »

When do people change?

February 16, 2018

Every parent, pastor and leader ask that question. While change is essential for authentic Christianity, most agree that change is difficult for many at the personal level and the corporate level in the church. If the people you are seeking to lead seem to have lost the needed ‘holy want to’ or if you are… Read more »

Understanding The Why

January 23, 2018

Understanding the ‘WHY’ behind the amazing exponential growth of personal coaching in the areas of business and ministry provides great encouragement for leaders in the church. Multiple professional studies have shown the high value of coaching by evaluating increased productivity, staff morale, and return on investment. Public Personal Management Journal reported over a 50% difference… Read more »