Growth Tips

The High Value of Small Investments

How do you respond when you see leaders on your team who appear stuck, stressed, unmotivated, or hindered by some limiting factors? Leaders know that there can be a very high price for allowing a team or organization to drift. On the other hand, when a small investment is made in the personal growth or leadership effectiveness of ministry leaders, the results can have a profound impact.

High Cost

 High Value

Loss of momentum Clarifying a compelling vision
Unhealthy relationships Accurately identifying “limiting lids”
Staff turnover Accepting responsibilities for actions that lead to growth

High-value results have been directly correlated to personal coaching. An independent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers reports the effects of coaching on increased productivity and improved relationships.

Not everyone is ready to work with a coach, but for people who want to make positive changes, working with a trained coach is a small investment that can have incredibly high-value results.

Vision Ventures has a team of trained, experienced coaches who are prepared to partner with you and your team to provide the help that is needed. To secure a personal coach, see examples of what other clients have said, or find out more about the coaching process, please go to or call Steve Cloud at (803) 730-2289 or Carl Martin at (843) 540-4023.

Virtual Peer Pastor
Advisory Group

Vision Ventures is providing a no-cost opportunity for selected pastors to participate in a virtual peer advisory group with seven other pastors.

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