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Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter?

This is the subtitle of a book that captured my attention this past summer. Jennifer Dulski is the Head of Groups and Community at Facebook. In her book, Purposeful, she shares stories and years of research related to factors that influence people to commit their time, efforts, and finances to a cause.

Every healthy Kingdom leader I know, sees the value and need of leading movements. They desire more than efficiency. They want effectiveness in fulfilling the mission. Managers handle things. Leaders influence groups to go somewhere. Pastors and church leaders must do some of both, but most of us have more than enough evidence to know that just being busy does not automatically lead to enthusiastic engagement. Even managing well does not necessarily lead to movement.

So what are the key factors that lead to a growing number of people being committed to a cause? Jennifer Dulski names two essential factors that should encourage every Christian leader. Christ-followers should have a distinct advantage in both of these areas!

The importance and power of a worthy purpose
People want to do work they find meaningful and they want to know that what they are doing is worth their investment.

The power of a growth-oriented community
According to Dulski, in addition to purpose, people are most motivated by growth and community. Teams are inspired by working with others who care about them and are committed to their growth. People are motivated by being a part of a community that is passionate about a worthy cause.

Is it not an amazing advantage to be leading teams who:

  • Have the most important purpose in the world?
  • Have an unlimited power and resource supply?
  • Are participating in something that will change the eternal destiny of others?
  • Are a part of an authentic community of Holy Spirit empowered family members?

But even this amazing advantage can be lost when busy people lose sight of:

  • How important is the mission of the church?
  • How powerful is the Gospel?
  • What are the high-value results we are working to accomplish and expecting God to bring in this ministry?

When we think of movements of God, we tend to think of the wonderful examples like the book of Acts or The Great Awakenings. While they are profoundly inspiring, it’s also good to remember that movements can begin in small groups, like your leadership team. What difference could it make if you begin to see some sparks of passion building in the hearts of a core group of influencers who are committed to the purpose, understand the high-value of your vision, and are actively seeking to build your growth community?

What steps can you take to get those sparks flying?

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