Pastor Groups

Four months ago, most of us assumed our lives and church schedules would be much closer to the “old normal.” Today there are many more questions about:

  • What will the new normal look like?
  • How do we clarify our vision for this fall and develop effective plans in the midst of so much uncertainty?
  • What are the most impactful ways of leading our ministry teams?

This spring, Vision Ventures sponsored an opportunity for pastors to participate in organized advisory groups (Pastors Advisory Groups). The feedback we received from the groups was both encouraging and insightful!

For those who found the experience of meeting together with other pastors helpful, Vision Ventures will be providing two different opportunities to be a part of a pastor’s group. These online groups will meet once a month. In addition to the group meeting, each participant will have a monthly coaching conversation with a trained coach.

  1. Pastors Advisory Group
    This monthly online group meeting of 8 pastors encourages all participants to have an accurate assessment of where they are, where they want to be, and what steps they need to take to accomplish what they desire. It is amazing how much progress we can make when we are part of a faith-building group that encourages clarity and wise, courageous actions. The cost of participating in the Pastors Advisory Group is $50 per month.
  2. Transitions (Transitions Flyer)
    This 5-month online small group includes a 2-hour monthly group experience, assessment tools, and a monthly coaching conversation. The cost of the Transitions group is $75 per month.This small group experience is for pastors who desire to:
  • Clarify a vision and plan for the next season of life that inspires joy and passion
  • Realign your life and work according to God’s design
  • Discover your “sweet spot” or make life sweeter where you are
  • Maximize building teams that enable you to focus on your strengths

To sign up or receive additional information about either the Pastors Advisory Group or the Transitions Groups, complete the interest form below or email Steve Cloud or Carl Martin.

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