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Preparing for the End Can Be the Best Beginning!

What are you going to do that will enable you to begin the new year with a confident expectancy that you will live and lead at a higher level in 2020? Everyone wants to experience the benefits of personal improvement, but if you keep doing the same things you…

The end of the year is a fantastic time to gain a liberating perspective by carefully looking in three directions.

  1. Look back – Face reality.
    Instead of a casual, general assessment, take an honest look at the most important parts of your life. Compare what you experienced with what you desire and what you believe God desires in your spiritual life, marriage, relationships with children, ministry/vocation, physical health, finances, and relationships with friends. Take the time to honestly assess, on a scale from one to 10, what you experienced in these important categories.
  2. Look up – Clarify your God-inspired vision.
    Set aside time to identify what you believe is God’s best for you in each of those same vital parts of your life. What could be and should be true in each area through the power of the Spirit?
  3. Look in – Determine what you will do.
    Vague vision without clear plans and personal commitment become the new year’s disappointments.
  • Begin with the parts of your life that are most important to you. What changes would provide the greatest value?
  • Identify your most important action steps for your top three priorities.
  • The big question is: What will you do that will strengthen the probability that you’ll make these liberating changes? That question is what has led millions of people to engage the benefits of personal coaching.

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