Growth Tips

The Path to Liberating Change

What changes will you make in the next four months that will lead to a healthier life and more effective ministry results?

If you’ve ever felt like the man in the circus whose act is spinning an amazing number of plates – you already see both the value and the challenge of that question. Spinning an amazing number of plates does not feel sustainable as a long-term plan, but it’s hard to stop spinning without a big mess!

We’ve all been reminded that repeating the same things, but expecting different results is not an encouraging intelligence indicator. So, what is your plan to get different results?

Begin by thanking God for summer and preparing to have a great one! In Mark Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythm, he paints an inviting picture of summer. It can be a time of refueling and refocusing. For some of us busy plate-spinners, it’s a great time to “sharpen the saw” and get on the path to liberating change.

Here are three suggestions to the path:

  1. Pursue Humble Honesty – Awareness of need can be the beginning of growth.
    • Stop wasting time and energy explaining why your situation cannot change.
    • Be honest about what is going well and what needs to change.
    • Don’t compare your life or ministry to others – remind yourself of what God has promised.
    • Develop an accurate awareness of the spiritual, physical, and emotional gauges of your life
  2. Get Help – Lone ranger living is not just lonely, it’s ineffective.
    • Find a coach who listens well and has the skills to help you clarify your desires and action plans for the next season.
    • Clarify your most important priorities. You cannot change your life without changing how you spend your time.
    • Build effective teams.
  3. Grow Hope – Liberating change needs active faith (Hebrews 11:6).
    • Confident expectancy based on the Word of God is an energy-producing change agent (Romans 15:13).
    • Create a clear picture of the life you believe God desires for you and review it daily – “According to your faith let it be done to you.” Matthew 9:29
    • Real faith works. Take specific small steps every day (James 1 and 2).

Enjoy a refueling, refocusing summer! Coaches from Vision Ventures are trained to assist Kingdom leaders in this liberating journey. To find a coach who works well with you, contact Vision Ventures at

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