Through our Regional Growth Hubs, Vision Ventures provides a monthly training experience that is followed two weeks later with a personal coaching session. A trained coach partners with each participant to help clarify their desired outcome, to identify hindrances to needed changes, and to determine the most helpful action steps that they are committed to take. The clarity, encouragement and healthy accountability are part of what make the combination of training and coaching such a powerful experience.

Transformational Conversations

Two-and-a-Half-Hour Seminar

Connects to the heart and leads to change! 

Transformational Conversations is a 2.5-hour seminar to equip parents, Sunday school teachers, discipleship leaders, and friends to maximize spontaneous or planned encounters. Participants practicing the basic skills of coaching leads to extraordinary conversations.

Do you have some people in your life with whom it is difficult to have deeper meaningful conversations? How valuable would it be to you to develop the skills to:

  • Be more aware of opportunities to connect
  • Know how to begin the conversation
  • Listen to understand
  • Avoid responses that close the connection
  • Ask questions that lead to liberating insights
  • Help clarify desired outcomes and needed action steps
  • Develop communication that liberate and motivate

To schedule this seminar in your church, please contact Steve at or by completing the form below. Click here for Transformational Conversations Flyer.

Vision Ventures Coaching Track

Four-Month Coach Training Track

Coach Training is for those who want to refine the skills of coaching for personal ministry or professional use. The training resource materials, personal coaching sessions with a trainer coach and peer practice over this four-month period are a vital part of developing the skills for liberating listening and asking powerful questions.

The following is included in Coach Training:

  • How to maximize the coaching experience
  • Learn and practice Eight Coaching Skills
    • How to listen so that others feel understood
    • How to partner with the Holy Spirit’s work to see breakthrough changes
    • How to maximize support structures that provide the needed encouragement 
and accountability
    • How to develop a transformational growth culture in the church
  • PCN Notebook and training materials
  • Read one book on coaching
  • Three hours of personal coaching by a trained coach
  • Two one-hour coach training classes online
  • Three peer coaching sessions with feedback
  • Three coaching sessions with two clients
  • Final coaching: “Coach the Coach”

What our clients have said…

Through self-evaluation in multiple areas of my life, Coach Training has started me on a lifelong process of growth. Setting goals and being held accountable to move forward are having a tremendous impact on my ministry.

The coach training process has taught me multiple spiritual and leadership skills in ministry. I used to be heavy on giving advice which was not always good for me or those I tried to help. This training has given me new insights in ways to be a better minister.

Coaching has turned me in to a ‘caring pastor’ because of improvement in listening. Others have actually witnessed the change in me and have commented on it

Personal Coaching

Are you ready to find out how personal coaching can change your life?

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