Growth Tips

Understanding The Why

Understanding the ‘WHY’ behind the amazing exponential growth of personal coaching in the areas of business and ministry provides great encouragement for leaders in the church. Multiple professional studies have shown the high value of coaching by evaluating increased productivity, staff morale, and return on investment.

  • Public Personal Management Journal reported over a 50% difference in increased productivity when personal coaching was added to managerial training.
  • Additional professional studies were done in companies such as Xerox and Metropolitan Life with similar results.

Consider these extracts from The Coaching at Work Tool Kit listing specific ways coaching is beneficial:

  • Coaching for leadership impacts companies through increased productivity, improved communications, increase staff commitment and loyalty and decreased levels of stress and tension.
  • Coaching can help prevent executive derailment; which as some studies suggest, can be as high as thirty-three percent for senior executives.
  • Coaching helps leaders to think and plan more strategically, to manage risk more effectively, to create and communicate vision and mission.
  • Coaching can develop those leadership qualities that have been empirically proven to be associated with success.
    Coaching Works!

People who want to make positive changes are profoundly helped by:

  • Clarifying their high valued desired outcomes
  • Accurately identifying the hindrances to change
  • Developing specific action steps that lead to growth
  • Maintaining liberating support through effective coaching

Try It!

Investing in staff development pays great rewards.  Consider the areas where your staff team needs to grow in knowledge and skills.


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