Growth Tips

When do people change?

Every parent, pastor, and leader asks that question. While change is essential for authentic Christianity, most agree that change is difficult for many at the personal level and the corporate level in the church.

If the people you are seeking to lead seem to have lost the needed “holy want to” or if you are wanting to renew the passion within, try following God’s plan. In Deuteronomy 28 God inspires Moses to share the price of living stuck vs. the reward of moving forward by faith.

We do the same thing when we see the high price of refusing to change vs. the incredible reward of experiencing God’s best. When we have lost our passion or enthusiasm many times our vision for the needed change is either unclear or of insufficient value.

Try It!

Identify one of the areas where you feel stuck. Spend time praying and dreaming about what this area of your life could be like if you were experiencing what you believe God desires. Describe it in detail. Ask, “How valuable is that change to me?”
To change… your desire for a better future must be stronger than your desire to hold on to a comfortable present.

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